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Green Tattoo Henna Golecha
  • Green Tattoo Henna Golecha
  • Green Tattoo Henna Golecha

Green Tattoo Henna Golecha

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Long-lasting green henna-dye for a temporary tattoo. The green henna painting lasts on the body for up to 7 days.



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Ready to use green henna-dye paste, enclosed in a cellophane cone for ease of use. The green henna dye renders a natural and earthy tone immediately upon use. Golecha tattoo henna lacks harmful chemical ingredients, is clinically verified, and carries the ISO-9001 certification. Expect the green tint to grace the skin for roughly 5-7 days. As a safe option utilized by millions each day, Golecha henna-dye has a strong safety record. For those with sensitive skin or allergy concerns, it's best to do a patch test first. Dab a little dye on the skin and check for any reactions. If all is clear, you're good to go with the dyeing process.

Henna cone is all you need to paint on the body – without any special tools.

How to draw a green henna tattoo?

First of all, you need to prepare a skin area - wash with soap and dry the skin.

Then you can start drawing. Cut the cone tip, take it comfortably in your hand and draw the tattoo by squeezing the henna out of the cone. Line thickness depends on the cut. Cut less for thinner lines and more for thicker ones. For easy you can take several cones with different cuts.

Green henna paints over the skin quickly, so if you make a wrong line, wipe it off as soon as possible. After the tattoo is ready, wait about 30 minutes for the henna to dry completely. If the tattoo contains a lot of large elements, henna can dry longer. During the painting drying be carefull not to smudge the lines.

After completely drying green henna becomes like a film and can be separated easily from the skin.

Finished tattoo is kept on the skin about 5-7 days and isn't afraid of water. Your tattoo may be washed with soap no trouble, but better no scrub anything.

If you are bored of the tattoo, wash it away by rubbing well with a loofah after 4th day wearing. The first 3-4 days to wash away the tattoo will be difficult.

Green henna is not natural, so it does not need essential oils to enhance the color. Besides you don't need lubricate the skin before painting, as some other instructions say.

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